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Кgrip is a product, whose production has recently begun in 1998. It is intended to satisfy the needs of all local and foreign customers. All this years we have improving stability and performance of crane itself and specially remote head. It is a high quality product which comes at a affordable price.

  • Combined Lenghts Crane

Since 1998, Kgrip Systems has been delivering the highest quality lightweight cranes for the video and film industry. Operators around the world have discovered the quality, stability and versatility that our equipment is offering. From documentary, travelogues live music and sporting events to feature length motion pictures, our equipment is providing the most amazing shots ever imaginable.

Some of our products include: Lightweight Cranes with different lengths, incredibly stable, from the consumer up to the professional system with 2 or 3 axis remote heads, Including longest lightweight crane in the world up to 15m. Every our crane is fully equipped with tripod or dolly and remote head.

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